Limited Prints

  • These prints are released directly from the artist without a gallery presentation in a one time only limited edition runs of 9 prints and a single artist proof.

  • All limited releases are final. No reproductions or future versions are issued in any other material, form, or platform including blockchains.

  • Each print is signed and uniquely serialized with proof of authenticity.

  • Based on your viewing device and its aspect ratio, the proportion and colors of the thumbnail images may appear different from the actual prints.

"Theater X"

Carlo Campbell in the world premier of "Beast of Nubia" at Malcom X Park, Philadelphia 2019

12 x 18 Print No.9

9 Prints Available; 11x14; $390

"The Greensgrow Cat" 2018

11 x 14 Print No. 9

"The Ohio Koala" 2017 Colombus Ohio

11 x 14 Print No 6