Limited Prints

  • These prints are released directly from the artist without a gallery presentation in a one time only limited edition runs of 9 prints and a single artist proof.

  • All limited releases are final. No reproductions or future versions are issued in any other material, form, or platform including blockchains.

  • Each print is signed and uniquely serialized with proof of authenticity.

  • Based on your viewing device and its aspect ratio, the proportion and colors of the thumbnail images may appear different from the actual prints.

9 Prints Available; $600

Sold Out

Sold Out


"Museum #1" 2019 Philadelphia

11 x 14 Print No.7 $9000

"Ice Cream at the End of Season" 2019 Ocean City NJ

11 x 14 Print No. 9 $2000

Sold Out

9 Prints Available; 11x14; $390

"The Greensgrow Cat" 2018

11 x 14 Print No. 7 $2000

"Theater X"

Carlo Campbell in the world premier of "Beast of Nubia" at Malcom X Park, Philadelphia 2019

12 x 18 Print No.9 $3800

Sold Out

"The Ohio Koala" 2017 Colombus Ohio

11 x 14 Print No 3 $3500

Sold Out